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  • Are you tired of dealing with plumbers who promise the earth but do not deliver?
  • Had enough of dirty, smelly tradesman who leave your premises in a mess?
  • Sick of being overcharged for cheap products and even cheaper service?
  • Sick of plumbers that turn up late or do not turn up at all?
  • Are you concerned about the imminent increase in water costs?
  • Do you want to save money by saving water? 
If you have answered YES to one or more of the above then you need to call the Drip Doctor ® and discover what it is like to experience the professionalism that is now turning the Plumbing Industry on it's head.

    Drip Doctor ® is not just another plumbing organisation full of tradesman doing what every other tradesman does, but a an organisation of Plumbing Professionals that know what customers are looking for and ensure those requirements are met.

    The Drip Doctor - The plumbing store that comes to your door



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    7 Reasons To Make An
    Appointment With The 


    1. Your plumber will turn up in the alotted time (or call if he is running late)
    2. Your Plumber arrive in clean and fresh uniform
    3. Our Plumbers are always polite and courteous
    4. Our experienced plumbers are qualified to attend to all your plumbing needs
    5. You will have access to "The Plumbing Store That Comes To Your Door"
    6. Your plumber will operate in a clean and tidy manner and will always tidy up before leaving
    7. We know how to get rid of smelly drains
    Contact us today to have your plumbing needs attended to promptly and efficiently