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Drip Doctor Testimonials

We found the Drip Doctor very convenient. Having a young family makes it difficult to get out and go from store to store looking at plumbing and tapware.
All it took was one phone call and the Drip Doctor came to us with a wide range of products for us to choose from. When he didn't have one item that suited us the Drip Doctor promptly did the research and found just what we were looking for.

Installation was just as easy with one visit that was carried out very professionally. Friendly, fast, neat and reliable service was our experience with the Drip Doctor.

We have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.

Andrew Keir
Sunshine Coast


From the outset Drip Doctor raised the benchmark for contractors and continues to do so with their high standards of work ethics. They use the best quality tools and equipment, clean up after every task (even places a coversheet/blanket down in the work area), are polite, respectful, courteous and professional. Drip Doctor has built a mobile hardware display giving each client convenient options of different hardware available and works within the clients budget.

Having experienced Drip Doctors attitude and work ethics first hand, I can highly recommend them as one of the most reliable, friendly, courteous, thorough and professional tradesman with whom I have had the pleasure of dealing.

Paul Jenkinson



I am writing to let you know that the word THANK YOU is not enough.
That might sound funny but the truth is my husband (who is disabled) and I have been struggling with our shower for 3 years.

If has taken us 4 different plumbers and a lot of money over the last 3 years with no results.

That is until you came along, thank you for the Drip Doctor my only regret is we should have known you sooner just think of how much time, money, not to mention cold winter showers we could have saved.

Once again thank you very very much for fixing our nightmare and I will be recommending you to all my friends.

R & R Tampubolon

I am pleased to be able to recommend the plumbing services of "Drip Doctor".

Having engaged other plumbing services from directory services over the past 12 months but without receiving satisfactory results, we have been pleasantly surprised to finally receive fully professional work from very competent and experienced staff to attend to our domestic plumbing improvements.

The service has also been very convenient and prompt as the Drip Doctor services involve a mobile showroom of all the latest fixtures and fittings; of high quality and reasonable price.

For anyone needing some bathroom upgrading or just basic plumbing maintenance works in their home I have no hesitation in saying "give the Drip Doctor a go".

Once their work is done you will not have to call them back.

Mike Shone