Shopping for HOT WATER options in Canberra?

By reading through the options at our HOT WATER SHOP you can make an informed decision on which system would best suit your budget and also your specific application. You are able to visit each section and look at prices of the different systems and it would be a pleasure to give you a quotation for installation.

There are basicaly three areas where domestic and commercial hot water production falls into, they are, Electric - Gas - Solar (includes Heat Pumps)

Electric -

               The standard electric, mains pressure, stored sytem has been around for years. They range in capacity from 50 litres to 400 litres . These systems work with an electric element to heat the water and incorporate a thermostat to controll the water temperature. A thermostat will turn the element on to heat water and off when the water inside the unit has reached a safe temperature.

They can be connected to off peak or peak electrical consumption and can be installed inside or outside. As the dynamics of these systems are quite dated it is not the cheapest way to produce hot water today, however if you are in a situation where it is your only option then we are happy to do a free site inspection and quotation.

Keep in mind that we have several small back-up units for same day installation, in case of emergency and can leave them installed for a week so you have plenty of time to decide on the next step.

Gas -

              Gas hot water systems come in two categories, the stored system and the continuous flow system, both using LPG or Natural Gas.

The stored system is very similar to the stored electric but uses LPG or Natural gas instead of electricity to heat the water inside the tank. The  systems range, in capacity,  from 100 litres to 315 litres and can be installed inside or outside, depending on flue options, etc.

The continuous flow system has been around for some years and are a compact and very efficient way to produce hot water. These systems do not need to store water as they are instantaneous and heat the water as it moves through the system. They are small in size and have the capcity to serve a large family. The beauty with this sytem is while you are using hot water you are consuming gas, as soon as you turn the hot tap off it does not cost you a cent. There is also the option for a controller or two so youcan regulate the water temperature prior to jumping in the shower or washing dishes. These systems are for outside installation only. 

Solar -

               Solar hot water has come a long way in recent years. there a two main categories, being the Evacuated Tube system that gives you the option of electric or gas boost and Heat Pump, which is also clasified as a solar hot water system. They range in capacity from 180 litres to 400 litres depending on the system. 


The Evacuated Tube system produces hot water by circulating cool water from the bottom of the tank, via a small pump and up to the collector, situated on the roof.

The colllector is made up of a manifold and frame and houses the Evacuated Tubes. The water is heated as it slowly passes through the manifold and then returns to the tank at ground level, no water is passed through the tubes. There is no need for glycol and expensive services every couple of years as the systems can detect when the outside temperature reaches 4 degrees C and will the engage the pump to shoot some warm water up to the collector to prevent freezing and damage to pipework, ( ideal for the Canberra climate ). These systems are very efficient and can deliver a substantial amount of hot water at a greatly reduced cost in comparrison to other systems ( up to 75% more efficient than the traditional flat panel ).  All tubes are individual and can be replaced if broken, however they come with a 15 year warranty if failure occurs.  On top of this there are Government rebates of up to $1200.00 available on some Evacuated Tube systems.

 Heat Pump -

The Heat Pump system produces hot water by utilyzing the stored heat in the surrounding air. It works a little like a fridge but in reverse. It can be installed inside or outside, however it requires a certain size space to draw the heat from inside. They are ideal when replacing a stored electric system as the connections required, ( hot and cold water and electricity ) are all there.

Some systems are up to 300 times  more  effecient than the stored electric system. The Heat Pump incorporates a condensor and does emmitt some noise,  49 decibel , which is between the noise of a fridge and an air conditioner. Some models come with a baffle for noise reduction that will reduce noise to 45 Db .

The Heat Pump can be attached to a timer and then to your off - peak electrical system for lower running costs. There are various systems on the market and Government rebates of up to $900.00 are available on some systems.

I hope this quick introduction has helped make your choice a little easier, if you need to TALK TO A PLUMBER or CONSULTANT please ring or flick us an email and we will get back to you shortly.


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