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Utilising advanced technology, the Triple Layered, Glass Evacuated Tubes deliver performance efficiencies way beyond those of the traditional Flat Panel and other evacuated tube collectors. (Up to 75% more efficient)

The fully adjustable stainless steel frame, if required, will optimise the absorbtion of Solar Energy and will be expertly installed to any roof or roof pitch to make sure you get the greatest return on your investment.

 This amazing system is much better suited to the COOLER CANBERRA CLIMATE , does not require any Glycol or chemicals and is frost resistant, which means you will enjoy steaming hot water at a greatly reduced cost all year around, also with options of electric or gas boosted systems.


Bottom mounted element  

Electric boosted systems have an option for bottom or mid mounted elements. The bottom mounted element systems are similar to the traditional electric hot water systems. Throughout the colder overcast, winter days in Canberra with no or little sun the system may not be able to produce enough solar gain to heat the freezing water within the tank. When the thermostat registers that the water is not up to temperature it will turn on the element to heat the water up to a safe temperature then turn off. In this case if the element and thermostat are mounted in the bottom of the tank the boost will heat the entire contents of the tank.

 Mid mounted element

With this in mind we can supply a mid mounted element system that, when required, will only heat he top half of your tank saving you more in electricity charges but still giving you enough hot water at night time.

These systems can also be wired to a manual off/on switch, adjustable timer or a set and forget automatic system


Gas boosted systems have the option of Natural or LP gas boost and depending on the hot water delivery required you have a choice of a 20 litre per minute or a 26 litre per minute continuous flow gas boost which is mounted on the side of your tank or on the wall.

We offer a full range of systems including a 250 litre or 315 litre tank, 20 tube or 30 tube manifold, electric or gas boost and expert installation and backup by licenced and fully insured tradespeople.

As you can see we have a system to suite all applications, domestic hot water, rural hot water or commercial hot water.

The Evacuated Tube is a solar hot water system that delivers an improved energy efficiency of up to 90%. 
This effectively reduces household CO2 emmisions by up to 4 TONNES per year.    
                                                                                                                                            "THE EQUIVELANT OF TAKING A SMALL CAR OFF THE ROAD"


We can offer you the longest warranties in the industry today, 15 years on stainless steel tanks, manifold, stainless steel frame and evacuated tubes.   (conditions apply)           5 YEARS on workmanship/Install

Exceptional Savings!!

Government rebates Still Apply!

OVER $1200.00 cash back on some systems

Solar Ark Evacuated Tube Hot Water Systems are registered on the ORER ( Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator ) website and attract  a varied number of S.T.C's (small scale technology certificates) . This means that when you are choosing a Hills solar hot water system in Canberra or anywhere else, depending on the systems merits, you will be rewarded with  a number of STC's from the Government, however the amount that each STC is worth will vary on a day to day basis.                                                                                                                         You are able to trade these certificates for cash or assign then over to DRIP DOCTOR at the completion of the install. We will then visit the ORER website , see how much they are worth on the day then deduct that amount directly off the price of the system so you can cash in on saving straight away and we we look after the paperwork.

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